NENA Brands

I had to make it beautiful. It has my name on it.

Lorena Mondoñedo Perez was born and raised in the exotic and lush tropics of the Philippines where she learned early about her entrepreneurial spirit from her father.  She brings with her a rich Asian heritage to her modern line of cosmetics.  With more than twenty years of experience in the beauty industry, Lorena is a trained and certified makeup artist by MAC cosmetics and a licensed and state-certified esthetician.  With a bachelor's degree in business administration and a Masters in Skin Care Therapy, she has the expertise in many facets of the industry from hands-on cosmetic artistry to operations and management. 

She has travelled the world encountering all the rich elements of different races, places and cultures.  These experiences serve as her inspiration in creating her own cosmetic line.  Her passion and devotion for bringing out the individual beauty in every woman has been a dream come true with her namesake line in NENA Cosmetics.  

"NENA" is an endearing term for a darling girl and is also her nickname among family and friends.  Experience our brand and let NENA bring out your natural beauty.