NENA Brands

Bridal Makeup Application

Starts at $150.
Includes trial Makeup application, wedding makeup application.

Special Event Makeup (Kids-Teens)

Starts at $60

Special Event Makeup (Adults)

Starts at $75

Individual Makeup Workshops

Starts at $100.
The makeup lesson service includes step-by-step training in the proper techniques needed to contour and define your natural features. It provides you with hands on experience using our exclusive makeup line and professional makeup brushes. We also provide you with a full diagram to assist you in recreating your new looks on your own. 2 hours.

Group Makeup Workshops

Starts at $225
Always wanted to learn how to apply make up like a professional?
This is a 2.5 hour workshop with you and your friends to learn all of the tricks of the trade with the make up you all ready own from the comfort of your own lounge room! A group make up lesson applying each other's make up. Each person receives a goodie bag and some notes to take away.

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