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6 NENA Brushes You Actually Need

6 NENA Brushes You Actually Need


Most artists will admit that they are nothing without the tools of their trade. When it comes to good makeup application, the makeup brushes you choose make a big difference. Investing in and using the right makeup brushes and tools will not only help give you a flawless makeup look, but you'll actually save money in the long run. How? You'll use less product and your makeup will last longer when you use a brush for makeup application. But with a gazillion different shapes and materials of brushes, it can be difficult to know which ones you actually need. In fact, you only need six, according to NENA. The brushes are exceptionally durable and made of either sable, goat, synthetic, or Italian badger bristle.

1-The Powder brush: A soft, round, large natural brush

2-The Bronzer brush: A soft, medium-sized dome-shaped natural brush.

3-The Flat All-over brush: A small, stiff, flat natural brush.

4-The Highlighter brush: A small, flat brush.

5-The Crease brush: A flower-shaped, soft natural brush.

6-The Liner brush: A small angled natural or synthetic brush.


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